comfort in motion

the ultimate chaise lounge
experience within the bedroom

Patent (US 9,642,757)

Zenith Base

Patent (US 9,642,757)

Introducing the ultimate patented chaise lounge experience. Massage, LED under bed lighting and Bluetooth all standard. Reach beyond the premier features of other non patented bases with Zenith’s Patented Tilt Chaise and Incline Positions. The Zenith’s Patented Incline setting helps relieve the discomfort of acid reflux, heartburn, sleep apnea or hiatal hernias. Now you can rest in your ideal incline angle without having to only sleep on your back.

The bedroom has evolved into an extension of the office, library and living room. Work, read, lounge or watch TV all in the comfort of your Patented Zenith Base. Use the Chaise setting and liberate yourself from the need of wedging pillows to support your neck and back while watching TV. With the Zenith’s Patented Tilt feature you can now sleep, read, work, watch TV, enjoy your favorite snack or drink in positions unavailable with other non patented bases.

Separate head, foot and tilt adjustment

Separate upper and lower body massage

Variable massage intensity and speeds

Zero gravity positioning

Various leg heights available

One touch flat command

Backlit remote buttons

Built in flashlight

Under bed lighting and Bluetooth

Free-standing, headboard adaptable and will fit inside any headboard and footboard combination

Hand Control Manual for HJH55-M T-3


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