comfort in motion

3 motor options
for any budget

The Prestige adjustable base

Prestige Base

The Prestige adjustable base is available in 3 motor options for any budget.

Wired: head up and down, feet up and down, simultaneous head and feet up or down, wired remote

Wireless: same functions as the wired option plus wireless remote, one-touch flat button, and under-bed lighting and Bluetooth capability

Massage: same function as the wireless base plus one-touch flat button, 3 preset comfort positions, and under-bed lighting and Bluetooth capability


  • 1 programmable preset customized for your favorite position
  • separate head and foot massage featuring 3 massage variables
  • multiple speeds and intensities
  • backlit remote buttons with built-in flashlight. Under bed lighting available*

RM Bed Control app is a device using mobile phone control dual actuator or single actuator for bed or sofa application. The APP control function identical to HJH8B handset or HJH26 handset.

RichMat Manual for HJA3 motor

RichMat Manual for HJH26 hand control


All Prestige bases:

Are available in 3 deck heights: 9”, 12” and 15” (industry standard)

Free-standing, headboard adaptable and will fit inside any headboard and footboard combination allowing you to choose the styles you love for your room.

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